If you have a pride & joy then we get it. Your car will get the very best care with us and our service is delivered by car people. There always lots to look at and the coffee is always on


Repairs & servicing


Auto RARA – Car enthusiasts

 Having a garage of car enthusiasts service your automotivepride and joy offers a unique set of advantages that go beyond routinemaintenance and repairs. One of the most significant benefits is the additionalcare and attention to detail that comes from a team who shares your passion forcars. We are not just mechanics; we are individuals who understand andappreciate the emotional connection that owners have with their vehicles. Thisshared enthusiasm translates into a level of dedication and meticulousness thatcan be hard to find elsewhere.

Auto RARA bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise thatextends beyond the technicalities of servicing vehicles. We well-versed in thenuances of different makes and models, allowing them to provide personalisedrecommendations and solutions. Whether you have a classic, a track car ormodified car our deep understanding of your vehicle's history, quirks, andunique requirements ensures that it receives the specialised care it deserves.


Furthermore, our joint passion for cars with our customersfosters trust and open communication. When you share a passion for automobiles,it creates a strong bond between you and the technicians working on your vehicle.This relationship leads to more transparent discussions about your car's needs,potential upgrades, and performance improvements. Ultimately, having a garageof car enthusiasts servicing your automotive pride and joy is not just aboutmaintenance; it's about nurturing a shared passion and receiving a level ofcare that transcends the ordinary

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