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The space

A hub of automotive conversation, innovation & craftsmanship

As you step inside, you'll immediately sense the creative energy that fuels our projects. The workshop embodies our design themes, reflecting our commitment to blending art and engineering seamlessly.

The space is more than just a workshop; it's a centre of engineering activity and a gathering place for regular events. Enthusiasts and experts come together here to celebrate their passion for automobiles. Whether it's a car show, a track day, or a heritage event, our workshop hosts it all.

Join us in our Workshop, where automotive dreams become reality, and where every project is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Our journey has been marked by unwavering dedication to redefining classic car craftsmanship. With a background deeply rooted in racing and a portfolio spanning various industries, our team bring a wealth of experience to the company. This expertise, combined with our shared devotion to perfection, has propelled us to create vehicles that seamlessly blend the nostalgia of classic cars with a fresh perspective.

Today, we find ourselves at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. AutoRARA stands as a symbol of our commitment to transforming automotive dreams into tangible masterpieces. With an eye on the future, our aim remains clear—to continue crafting automotive excellence that stands the test of time.

blending the timeless charm of classic cars with modern innovation, crafting automotive excellence that resonates with every true enthusiast.

The Team

We are an experienced team with diverse skills but a single focus. Our backgrounds in business, engineering, motorsport and classic cars delivers an intoxicating blend of creativity & craftmanship.


Timeless aesthetics of classic cars infused with motorsport

Our classic car design philosophy for crafting restomods with motorsport influences is a captivating blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge performance. Our projects are a tribute to automotive history, marrying the timeless aesthetics of classic cars with modern motorsport engineering. The extent to which motorsport is threaded through the design can vary, from road-focused restomods with subtle motorsport-inspired enhancements to full-fledged clubsport designs primed for both road and track use.


Automotive Craftsmanship

Chris Tye, our Chief Engineer, brings precision engineering to the forefront of every AutoRARA creation. His expertise guarantees that each detail, from design to performance, meets the highest standards. Complementing Chris's mastery is a dedicated team of automotive professionals.

Together, they create automotive masterpieces that demonstrates real craftmanship.


Strategic business innovation

AutoRARA's success extends beyond design and engineering, thanks to the strategic acumen of David Stubbs & Guy Dungworth, co-founders. Their track record of business transformation, coupled with automotive passion and experience on the race track creates a formidable force.

This trio ensures that AutoRARA isn't just a master of automotive artistry but also a thriving and forward-thinking enterprise.

Project Planning for Automotive Excellence: 
how we make things work

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We help you plan your strategy and identify the essential needs to solve. Our services are designed to help clients with their business needs.

Understand the vehicle

Gaining insight to drive innovation and excellence in the project.

Crafting the blueprint

A detailed roadmap guiding us from vision to automotive masterpiece.

Setting the creative palette

Where ideas ignite, and creativity takes shape in every design.

Selecting excellence

Every component carefully chosen to ensure automotive perfection.

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Experienced team

Classic cars, modified & race cars we have an elite team of technicians to assist you


Our metal work is sublime with full fabrication, facilities.


We can bring your automotive dream alive. Our Restomods combine classics with modern technology seamlessly

Attention to detail

We believe originality is best when completing restorations. Restore is better than replace.


Most of all we are car enthusiasts, each of us has a favourite genre but we appreciate all. We would love to collaborate with you.