We are a race team and our people have supported some famous cars and famous events (Le Mans classic). You can find us racing too so we are well positioned to build your track or race car.


Race car support



Race car owners know that achieving faster lap times requires not only skill behind the wheel but also a well-prepared and finely-tuned vehicle. That's where a professional garage with race experience truly shines. Auto RARA offers race car owners a wealth of knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment to support their builds, repairs, and maintenance needs.


Auto RARA Team

Our team of skilled technicians are well-versed in race car dynamics. They understand the nuances of suspension setups, weight distribution, and alignment adjustments that are essential for optimal performance. By leveraging their expertise, race car owners can fine-tune their vehicles to handle better in corners, maintain stability at high speeds, and extract reliable power from their engines. This attention to detail can significantly contribute to shaving off valuable seconds on the track.


Full Geo – its absolutely necessary

A crucial component of improving race car performance is a full geometry setup. This process involves fine-tuning the suspension, aligning wheels precisely, and optimising weight distribution. A well-executed geometry setup will result in improved handling, reduced tyre wear, and increased traction. By ensuring that the car's components work together harmoniously, race car owners can achieve better control and stability during races, ultimately leading to faster lap times.



In conclusion, entrusting your race car to a professional garage with race experience can be a game-changer in your quest for faster lap times. Our access to the latest techniques and equipment, coupled with our understanding of race car dynamics, enables us to fine-tune every aspect of your vehicle. Additionally, a full geometry setup, including suspension adjustments and weight distribution optimisation, can make a significant difference in on-track performance. With the expertise and support of a race-experienced garage, you can push your race car to its full potential and aim for victory on the track.

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