Classic car Restomods infused with motorsport to suit the clients user requirements. From street versions with a motorsport feel to full on track-day regular weapons.


Our design philosophy

Delivering classic heritage with motorsport Restomods:

Our classic car design philosophy for crafting restomods with motorsport influences is a captivating blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge performance. Our projects are a tribute to automotive history, marrying the timeless aesthetics of classic cars with modern motorsport engineering. The extent to which motorsport ist hreaded through the design can vary, from road-focused restomods with subtle motorsport-inspired enhancements to full-fledged clubsport designs primed for both road and track use. Regardless of the client's preferences, the core idea is to infuse each vehicle with the spirit of motorsport, creating a thrilling driving experience.

Clubsport version Restomods: The Ultimate weekend Machines:

For clients seeking the ultimate classic car experience, the clubsport restomod design philosophy is the apex. These creations are engineered to excel both on the road and the track. They receive comprehensive motorsport-inspired modifications, including high-performance engines, bespoke suspension setups, aerodynamic enhancements, and roll cages for safety. The interior is stripped down to its essentials, with lightweight materials and racing seats. These restomods are meticulously crafted to offer blistering track performance, remaining street-legal, ensuring the client enjoys the best of both worlds: the thrill of the racetrack and the nostalgia of a classic car on the open road. The design philosophy here is all about pushing boundaries and creating an automotive masterpiece that embodies the essence of motorsport without losing the raw charm of the classic car and of course, the usability required for a weekend toy.

Street version Restomods with a Hint of Motorsport:

For clients who prefer their classic cars to remain road-focused, the design philosophy revolves around adding subtle motorsport elements. This may include performance upgrades like a refined suspension for enhanced handling, a balanced engine tune for increased power, or improved brakes for added stopping prowess. The interior may receive motorsport-inspired touches, such as bucket seats and a sportier steering wheel, ensuring comfort on the road while hinting at track potential. The end result is a restomod that retains its road manners but delivers a more spirited and engaging drive, with a subtle nod to motorsport woven into its design.

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