A celebration of originality ensuring your classic is restored to its former glory from sympathetic repairs to full nut and bolt restorations your classic, your budget, your choice.


Classic Car Restorations


Our approach

At Auto RARA, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to maintaining the originality of every classic car that graces our workshop. Our team of skilled craftsmen understand the value of preserving the historical essence of these automotive treasures. We specialise in the delicate art of restoration, emphasising the retention of original parts overreplacement, ensuring that each car we restore becomes a true time capsule of its era.



When you entrust your classic car to us, you can be confident that we will painstakingly evaluate its make and condition to develop a restoration plan that aligns with its unique history. We believe that each car has its own story to tell, and our restoration process is tailored to respect and revive that narrative. Whether it's a pristine classic with minimal wear or a barn find with decades of patina, we approach every project with a deep understanding of the car's character.


Our philosophy

 Our restoration philosophy revolves around the belief that the heart and soul of a classic car reside in its original components. We meticulously restore and refurbish these parts, ensuring they retain their authenticity and functionality. In instances where replacement becomes necessary due to safety or structural concerns, we go to great lengths to source original components or meticulously replicate them to match the vehicle's era and specifications.


The result of our dedication to maintaining originality is a fleet of classic cars that are not just beautifully restored but also true to their heritage. Each vehicle we work on becomes a living testament to a bygone era, a window into the past that allows enthusiasts to experience the craftsmanship, design, and nostalgia of a different time. If you're looking to transform your classic car into a timeless masterpiece, entrust it to our restoration experts who are passionate about preserving the soul of these automotive legends.

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