Build Diary Summary: the journey of the project from the start

The Subaru P1 by Prodrive


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This Subaru needs more than a little TLC. This P1

David Stubbs

A mixture of outdoor living and previous workshops bodged attempts at metalwork mean that this car is in a real sorry state. Its issues are obvious though, so its an honest start. There is no doubt that this is going to be a challenge but with only 160 of these still on UK roads and with prices climbing it is definitely worth saving.

Stripped and ready

David Stubbs

Everything is off and the car is mounted to the roll over jig. This is the start of our fabrication marathon....... Is there a doctor in the house!

Underside prepared and welding begins

David Stubbs

There's lots to do one this one but where we can we will save all of the original metal. Rust is completely removed before fabricated pieces or new panels are added.