Build Diary Summary: the journey of the project from the start

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI


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Mitsubishi Evo VI arrives in parts and a little green


So the Evo project begins. As a project its been started with care by the owner who has diverted his attention to the other thrills in life. Family, home and work! How many of us wear that badge (haha). So its been parked up mid build and has some light shrubbery growing through it but is not too bad. Just in time we think......

The stage of discovery. What does this project look like


We stripped, cleaned and catalogued all the parts. Customer build diary has started and we have a shell with flaked paint to solve first but quite a few nice new bits too. (happy workshop)........ we love shiny parts!

Start again....... but its only the paint


Scrape of the old paint as it didn't key properly (previous painters). Metal is surprisingly good underneath though. A good foundation is critical to any build. We now have that.

Freshly painted underside


Some small parts of metal preparation, epoxy primer & raptor paint. This car is has received our recommended underside treatment and is now awaiting an underside rebuild....... watch this space

Rebuild the underside. Starting to take shape

David Stubbs

All great builds have an amazing underside and this one is no exception. A mixture of new and restored parts coming together to give a better than factory finish. This is really starting to look good now!